Welcome to Thrust Vector, the best F1 in Schools team in Australia.

As part of the Australian Regulations, we are required to merge with a team from another country for the World Finals. We have partnered with Celeritas Racing from the USA, to form Paradoxum Racing.

Visit the Paradoxum Website:

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Thrust Vector is from Blue Mountains Grammar School, NSW, Australia.

We entered into the F1 in Schools Western Sydney Regional competition, and we came first overall, and in almost every category. He even had a faster race time than most of the professional class teams, which is the class above us!

In the NSW State Final, we achieved Best CAD Engineered Car, Best Team Portfolio, and we came first overall, being awarded the NSW State Champions.

At the Australian National Final, we were awarded Best Engineered CAD, Best Manufactured, Best Engineered Design, Best Verbal Presentation, and the Innovation Award. To our surprise, we also won the entire National Final, earning us the title of the F1 in Schools Australian National Champions!

Watch an overview of the competition here.

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Thrust Vector is part of the latest generation of F1 in Schools participants, in development class, valuing opportunity and innovation while making sure nothing is left unchecked. We want to succeed in a healthy and mindful manner while also using what we have learned throughout our lives to overcome problems and persevere.

Our objective as a team is to get as far as we possibly can in the competition, whilst enjoying and learning from every moment of it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we are going to embrace it and make it a reality.

For more about the team and what we do, check out the rest of the website, or have a look at some of the team’s official documents for the regional and state competition here.

You can access an interactive 3D model of our current car design here.

We are very grateful for our local community in the Blue Mountains for the support they have given our team, including local business sponsors, local newspaper appearances, and general support. We have also received support from companies like SimScale and Payce Consolidated, with them featuring us in their blog, and Sky News, with them interviewing Mirah, our team manager, on national television.

We also appreciate the support of our sponsors, since they help fund our project, and we could not do it without them.

The F1 In Schools Australian National Champions
Our Regional, State And National Cars

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