The Sponsors

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We have used SimScale for all of our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and testing of our car, and we could not be more appreciative of their contribution to our project, through the upgraded use of their amazing program, generously given to us in the form of sponsorship.

SimScale is a very easy to use, and powerful simulation program. It is also all cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about having a powerful computer, or having difficulty sharing your simulation project with other team members.

SimScale has been absolutely critical to our design and development of our car.  This software has definitely enhanced the final product of the Thrust Vector team.

With thanks to SimScale for their support.


Payce Consolidated is one of our largest sponsors. They have contributed to a significant portion of our funds.

A huge thank you to Payce for their incredible support!

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As one of our first local business sponsors, we are very proud to say that, Belle Property Leura has made a significant contribution to our team budget.

A big thank you to Belle property for their support.


We are proud to say that Mountain High Pies are sponsoring us, especially because they are a local business (less than 50 meters from our school!), and that they have made a major contribution to our budget.

We really appreciate their support.


Another of our local business sponsors, Springwood Veterinary Clinic have made huge contributions to our team budget.

Their support is greatly appreciated.


Xootr is one of our major contributors, with their donations making up over half of our budget. They have also very generously donated one of their scooters that we can then sell to gain even more money.

Their contributions are hugely appreciated.


Planet Footprint (that will soon be known as Azility) has also very generously contributed to our team budget.

Many thanks to Planet Footprint for their support.

Fantastic Aussie Tours has contributed greatly to our budget and is one of our local business sponsors, operating in the Blue Mountains, as well as around many parts of Australia.

We greatly appreciate your support.

Teaching Tech is a YouTube channel that is based locally, and has provided us with not only financial support, but mentoring, and access to facilities such as 3D printers, etc.

Teaching Tech is an amazing way to learn about technology and has been an amazing support to our team.

Thank you very much Teaching Tech!

Ascent Consulting Engineers is another one of our amazing local business sponsors!

Thank you very much for your amazing support, Ascent Consulting Engineers!
Blackheath Family Medical Centre has very kindly donated to Thrust Vector, as they are a local business.
Your support is greatly appreciated!
Bird Circles is another generous local business sponsor, which has made huge contributions to our budget.
Thank you very much!
The Fairmont Resort is another one of our local business sponsors, contributing to the prizes of one of the raffles that we held.
Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
The Carrington is a local hotel, which also contributed to the prizes of one of the raffles that we held.
Thank you very much!
Scenic World is one of our local business sponsors and is also the most visited privately owned tourist attraction in Australia. They have also contributed to the prizes of one of the raffles that we held.
Your amazing support is greatly appreciated!
Our local Woolworths supermarkets have contributed greatly to our budget.
We thank you very much!
Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital is another local business supporting our team.
Thank you very much for your support!
Lindsay Taylor Lawyers is another of our larger business sponsors.
Your amazing support is greatly appreciated!