State Car Manufacturing

Our state car, TVCS6.1, is very similar to our regional car, but it has more manufacturing tolerances, which will slow the car down, but it will not break any critical regulations, meaning no time penalties, and our net race time will actually be faster.

Stage 1: CNC Cutting The Body

We machined the state car in exactly the same way as the regional car. One cut for the top, one cut for the bottom, and one cut for the axels. However, we did machine the ear wing inside the support block, instead of next to the body, to make sure the wings did not break during the machining process. We have decided to make four cars instead of two, this allows us to pick the best two cars to race, and the others can be put on the trade display.

Stage 2: Mounting The Rear Wing And Sanding

This time, we designed and 3D printed a jig to help us mount the rear wings on the car in the correct location, with no angle, to reduce our car’s drag. The jig inserted into the cylinder chamber and the end of the airflow channel to ensure that it is stable.

Stage 3: Front Wing Manufacturing

Instead of playing around with different types of plastic for 3D printing (like we did for our regional car), we only used PLA for our front wing, because that is what works best for our design.

Our four front wings.

Stage 4: Painting And Finishing

Like our regional car, we first primed the balsa wood with spray on wood filler, to smoothen the wood surface. We then spray painted several coats of deep blue paint onto our cars until we were happy with the mass of the car.

The cars. The darker blue cars are painted, and the lighter coloured cars are primed.

Stage 5: Car Assembly

After painting, we glued on our front wings, then attached and lubricated the grommets, fitted the wheels and axles, and finally made and attached the rear tether line guides.

One of our cars during assembly.

Stage 6: Testing

Once the cars were assembled, we checked their mass, regulation compliance, finish quality, and aerodynamics.

One of our cars being tested in a wind tunnel.

The Finished Product: