The State Final


The NSW State Final was held on November the 5th to the 7th, 2018, at Western Sydney University (WSU) Werrington.

Thrust Vector had the best team portfolios, and the best CAD engineering, as well as coming first overall in our class, being crowned the NSW State Champions.

The Team And Our Awards.

On Monday the 5th, we started by preparing for the competition at school. We performed some final checks on the cars, and made sure that we had all of the required documents. We packed all of our display items and our stand for our trade display, and then headed to the train station to WSU.

Once we arrived at WSU, we handed in the two cars that we would race, our portfolios, and our manufacturing evidence. We then had two hours to set up our trade display.

Our trade display consisted of the display backing, which was designed to grab people’s attention, and to give a brief summary of the team, the centre podium displaying our test car, our regional car, and our state car, and the main display area. The main display area was split into two sides, the left dedicated to graphics and marketing, and the right dedicated to engineering. Our display also included two interactive tablets, one displaying the team website, and one displaying an animation of our car.

Our Trade Display.

On Tuesday, we competed in Automatic Racing, where the cars are started by a computer, and Reaction Racing, where the cars are started by a team member, and the race time includes the reaction time of the person pressing the button. The racing did not go as well as we would have liked, because one of our cars suffered from a slightly stiff rear axle.

The Track.

We also did our Verbal Presentation, which was a ten minute presentation outlining the team’s objectives, car design, innovation, refinement, collaboration, and career aspirations.

On Wednesday, we first had our CAD/CAM Engineering Interview, which went very well. Both of the judges that interviewed us were very impressed with the extensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) testing on our car design, and our large array of manufacturing tools and jigs.

We then had our Marketing Interview at our Trade Display, where we were queried on our team identity, branding, social media exposure, and industry collaboration.

Just as our Marketing Interview ended, we began the Knockout Racing, where teams compete head to head in Reaction Racing, with the competition having a very similar structure to that of tennis opens. We unfortunately got knocked out in the second round of the competition.

Nearly two hours after the Knockout Racing finished, the judging and scores were finalised, and we were called into a lecture room for the award announcements. We were very uncertain with the results, and we were all surprised when our team was announced as the NSW State Champions.

This was such an amazing experience, and we are very pleased that we will be participating in the Australian National Final in March next year. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and mentors, since we most certainly would not have been able to do this without them.