The Team

We named our team Thrust Vector for two reasons:

  • We thought of Thrust Vector, as our car ‘Thrusts’ past all the others, and how we as a team thrust past the rest, to victory. ‘Vector’ stands for the direction we intend on going in, and how we want to go all the way.
  • Our car is powered by the thrust of a carbon dioxide cylinder, and thrust is a vector; it has both a magnitude and a direction.

Our team is committed to putting everything we can into this project, and we are all determined to do the very best we can. We work very well together, and we take pride in our teamwork.

Although we have set roles which determine what the majority of our work will involve, we all collaborate and have input on every task completed by the team, to ensure that all of our expertise is used to complete all tasks to the highest standard we can achieve.

This is us, Thrust Vector:

Mirah Larkin | Team Manager


Mirah’s role in the team is to coordinate the tasks associated with each team member and ensure that each task is completed to the highest standard. She is responsible for overseeing and approving the tasks completed by the other members of the team, and all of the team’s official documents and forms. 

Nicholas Hayes | Design Engineer


As Design Engineer, Nicholas’s role in the team is to produce the design of the car and all of its components via CAD. He has to analyse and evaluate the design to ensure that it meets regulations, and he is responsible for the majority of the design ideas and concepts incorporated into the car design.

Finley Hastie | Manufacturing Engineer


Finley is responsible for the production of the physical car, managing how and when it is made, and refining the car. He collaborates closely with Nicholas, to ensure the manufacturing of the car meets all of the design requirements, to fix any issues with the car, and make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Zach Burgess | Marketing Manager


Zach is responsible for managing the team’s marketing programs. This includes managing social media, website, team merchandise, and approaching potential sponsors. He collaborates with Matt Foster to make sure that everything that external people or organisations see is at a professional standard.

Matt Foster | Graphic Designer


Matt is responsible for the Thrust Vector Team logo, team colours, and the formatting and design of any official team documents, including the portfolio and the verbal presentation. He ensures that they have a high level of aesthetic appeal and are designed to the highest standard.